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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 19, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> james: it is really for the out there in fact we are starting out with the live camera from sampras is the international airport is a little bit better than the
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less that rejected at that point it was completely obscured the convict out line here for you it is still often fall get out there we have delays and no talk more about an hour for to come up in 15 minutes i'll give you early rundown of the weather and how is expected to develop and the next couple of days morning fault really thick and dense and the to the guitar come up in just a little bit this clouds and fog will burn off about midmorning with a partly cloudy day into the to the will be nice and mild. during high tides is money you may see some minor flooding along the bay shore keep that in mind in the ties with get slow to use low with the king ties will have strong wind currents more heavy fog in the morning the will of four mild afternoon as we look toward the end of this attempted will begin to jump up and next week we could be looking at temperatures near 80 degrees more on that to come in the meantime here is a quick look at what
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images are read now you concede it is a nice smile start. i >> james: loss of the king jr. morning ride away holiday speaking of which is called a lot out there for the rose. >>george: indeed it is but there is a problem for those of you that might be planning a holiday get away from oakland airport do not take bart to the airport in fact you can't because the airport this morning is not operating advising their passengers to find alternate means of transportation to the oakland airport the new service which was just inaugurated a few months ago is down this morning for mechanical reasons no service from the board to coliseum station over so oakland airport this morning now on the freeway in very light traffic if you want to drive you will not have any delays or problems and heading across highway 92 in the san mateo bridge as we mentioned before there are many days when there no
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backups at the bay bridge but the thing still manage to get clogged up there but they did not. in the light and easy ride. >>george: if you're heading for the golden gate bridge and is enough ride here but they're only be three lanes available for this out about ride to the bridge is split by a weekend day with relays northbound and three lane southbound. >>darya: developing story this morning us to masaryk or robbery >>will tran: how they got and they use the u-haul truck you can see the front end of the store here just last the door on the side right now this happened at alum 330 in the morning the search continued for the u- haul as lotus and the two suspects us show you the video when i arrived here in the place of the two
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still on the same they left around 630 in the morning cabrilla alarm at this place as well as witnesses cannot help but hear loud sound the call the police department there arrives here and then they spotted the u-haul truck on venice by this time they got a little bit closer to the u-haul truck of course they were long gone there were not sure if it was a stalling u-haul truck because they couldn't use the fake driver's license to make off with that nonetheless they came inside apparently they knew exactly what they're doing accordance investigators because they went after certain sections of the store to see most expensive item in their talking jackets up to $400 they made off and ran all the managers for inside and find out exactly what was so let's try to access the survey is video to give the police department all they know at this point they're looking for two suspects would bandanas over their faces and a license plate on the
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you all had ag one >>will tran: no one was inside at the time the security guard was on sin no was injured and no one was injured during this little or deal with the police officers than ever call in the pursuit simply because the wall was simply too fast for them. >>mark: process and we can continue this morning for a test of a gathering in front of new oakland mayor live in shacks out organizers are calling it a people's inauguration this morning the damage as a they're angry with the new mayor for senate and moderation they with the oakland police officers of the the the news this morning about a dozen people there processed in
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time for people have been arrested in connection will protest the brought over the weekend in oakland set the bar to this and close about have our last apple systems approach here at the scene depicted second during the shutdown demonstrators started marching at the plaza around 7:00 last night at the rally to mark dr. king's birth than fell in afternoon the crowd protested an emeryville carried signs saying but less matter about zero hundred and 50 people took over the bay street mall said the has stores since on demonstrators also black traffic at one point. >>darya: happening to date in the south bay the same trend that the member dr. king's march from selma to montgomery alabama for 30 years next is final unless trip today the annual train from san jose to san francisco was started by kingsley rough correct scott king and began in was two dozen cities and spread nationwide the bay area trying hist was the last one still many but or lie to say they're attending the
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annual trip this year one- man rule the train began 30 years ago said it served as well the memorial to dr. king in the celebration of the strike for quality. >>darya: it is a 945 this morning we will be there in cover that right here on the morning news as well as on our web site at kron 4 that come washington's about dr. king's work there's a lot of
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work denise lee done to create an equal america. >>mark: yes today on the cab the crew of the movie so much for the iconic cigarettes later they march in selma alabama and as productive team march and were several references were beaten and gas by state troopers and it came the sun a director and star of the movie joined all or winfrey for the long day march. here in the bay area's going to be a free screening for students of that movie is such a 1045 this morning is some the hill to up there will be right back the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>mark: police arresting a person they believe is was once will for attacking a woman with iran to outside of this casino and the park it was a rustle suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon rubbly and burglary this happened at the casino parking lot and on 320 in the afternoon yes today they're arrested him when he came back to the parking lot to get his car hit the one
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in armed hand and head of she was sleeping in the passenger seat of a card to three guards chased a suspect away when they heard the screaming she was into the hospital for treatment. >>darya: seller had a popular fitness model being remembered today will tell you why he died at the young age of 37 and today is more to look the king jr. stayed here is a live look at the king center in atlanta where dr. king and his wife coretta are buried.
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>>mark: we're falling icy conditions in these five people were killed and most of vehicle cressidas of the largest and philadelphia 30 to 50 cars involved one person died in a crass and 30 others suffered injuries i see rose art clinton would driver to stay off the roads if possible. >> james: you can see where all the bad weather in the northeast to concede some of the rain they're this is the good new the heart of the storms traveling up to canada today and tomorrow they're on a to have dry weather would be nice to will be on the breezy side the other areas concerned the great lakes region with
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a lot of that cold air come down from canada the good news is that will begin to come down as well so the travel forecast for today calls for conditions to be a little bit better for a lot of travelers out there as this was the map did concede tim's is are going to be above freezing for the great lakes region something you have not seen in it while above freezing clear and temperatures gradually warming and drying out again for the north is everywhere else were looking for mild weather and that includes crevices of you for bay bridge approach the staff of the east bay hills to see a lot of crossover hit those clouds of dust on the mild side overnight we say 50 to settle for is not the third sentences of 55 currently 53 in oakland >> james: 54 to san jose in top 53 in livermore santa rosa folks there with enough to force of 30 today 51 the allies would allow with a bang it out the door without having to of layer of so much there is fault that is the other part of the morning whether storm will
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fall to chilly deck here at the airport of sfo he could make out of control the fall was really heavy for a half mile visibility that is 1 mi. to five minutes ago the five mile visibility and napa 1 mi. visibility and san jose so just be ready to see that fought and accounted tempted afternoon look to his six is in the south bay man in the '60s and is a valid we have succeeded antioch will this to the mid-60s and livermore and san ramon valley battle to open a which today will be read aloud 6462 san francisco just across the bay. >> james: web clouds of the bay area for now after
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wednesday we're looking really good high-pressure coming back and it will keep those clouds away and letting the sun and began to warn us of look at all attempts by the weekend we're talking about seventies around the bay to the test the upper seventies out at the beach is down near santa cruz it will be a beautiful weakened to enjoy keep it still there to kron 4 will continue to track in that. >>george: good morning we're not track in the committee this morning is a federal holiday post offices banks are close schools are closed markets are closed but parking meters and san francisco are being enforced this morning taking a look at your ride across the bay is an easy commute on the east shore freeway still just a 16 minute drive time and about the same through the san ramon valley no real delays getting into the the more our dublin into the sluggish ought to walk with the ride for the south bend books grace of congestion on the guadalupe parkway in on
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101 but much much lighter than usual that is why at the bay bridge toll plaza there are no mystery lies activated they have not been all morning long and early morning fog advisory have been lifted 92 in the san mateo bridge rifle looks great. >>george: to set a look at the ride here and no problems with three lanes in each direction and you're ride into iran the of the richmond bridge also looks good here is the west about timmy with no backup for the latest as it had across interstate 580 coming out of richmond. >>darya: officials say that black price was the reason for a major freeway pileup and oregon over the weekend one man managed to escape injury and an amazing way this is him still in the cab he was driving a sandwich and between the two big breaks the vortexes cars
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involved in this pile up a dozen before heard and is guy walked away from the crash he needed like a band- aid >>darya: also saw a car weaving 9:00 last night and called it then and sure enough the car had been stolen they pursued it the driver would topple over in the car and up crashing into the center median for the door of the roof and then the police jumped out and made a run for that part of what had and investigators to step off the lead role in that crash. the agreement
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announced on saturday will increase the pay by 40 percent of three years. >>mark: there's a large printing contributions the sediment hands on kaiser said the committee to adjust patient care and safety concerns and nurses that must ratify the contract with a to-life has been cancelled. >> reporter: harris was treading on social media tell us what the sponsor of our role video news invited to the party to before
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christmas his parents said they realize he cannot go because it's like to see his grandparents after the five- year note was a no show he got this invoice you see here he's been taken to small claims court for refusing to pay his parents said that no contact information at the time to cancel the invitation of as a source said it was all on the invite if there able for the time my out quickly show you the tweets them coming across is really catching and spreading like wildfire is certainly room in regard to the no show but there is no cause of action get a life what about this invoice for 16 lbs. for a kid party not sure i want my child hanging around people like that tell us what you think
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>>darya: is a comedian for so sister read the allegations have resurfaced against them. >> reporter: bill cosby come to town is a big deal. the
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recent controversy makes the tore an even bigger deal this being great claims against the 77 your committee more than 20 women have come forward he probably has multibillion- dollar is in their problem after that i'm sure they said he drugged and raped them the attorney have denied that is somehow all this people come out later. there no witnesses and even caloric the store is a call some of the 1000 people to reconsider cosby's squeaky clean image is difficult to be honest with phil is hard because he is such a legend in my group and join his caustic. i was interviewed
7:28 am
on cnn i listen to the women i've done research and i believe that they can all be lying it does not affect their views of him or his work out like the fact is a sense of family values that there will not lead us into the showers because they they told us we had to stay right here on the sidewalk on public property caused a hassle to five shows planned before this summer to of them in northern california
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>> james: the fall pitchers have been improving a little bit is to know and still los keep that in mind if you are at the airport. we have sent this is coming into about 62 degrees that will be downtown a touch cooler daly city 67 bruno 59 we have 62 for san mateo a little warmer in redwood city 64 their and out half moon bay at this is the degree mark does will we're expecting to that in the fall will burn off for the most communities by midmorning if you to hang around and other spots a little bit longer than that for part of the cloudy skies i will tell you the letter and the wicked is going to fantastic with sunshine and not only springlike weather but almost summerlike weather by
7:32 am
this coming weekend i will have the full details on that camille in our extended forecast. >>george: a little better for anyone might be heading into the oakland airport to their problems early this morning they were shut down their new service they're elevated service from the coliseum station out to the oakland airport you would not build to a bar to get there this morning otherwise were ever you're driving you're looking at life traffic there are few incidents here and there were not track any hot spots there is no real congestion or delays this morning, is forever your heading even on 92 the san mateo bridge is a light and easy ride for both directions on this holiday monday in the golden gate bridge is not set up for a communique that is why
7:33 am
they're still three lanes on the northbound side which leads only this into medium >>mark: a smash and grab a burglary at the popular those items hundreds of dollars in a pallid these people know what they're doing because they want to specific locations inside the store you can see is closed for the day because there's so much damage so much cleaning up that needs to be done that they came out about an hour ago and they put this makeshift fence in the fund posted a sign this is closed for today did not know how this could set down. >>will tran: let's show you video the police officers actually protect of by this from the bird alarm to the store as well as the nearby people and residents who heard just a loud noise and they got here the suspects
7:34 am
long gone the had the most expensive model was to i believe these people are inside the store before this happened casing the place out and then they came here made off with the register's they were attacked the police department hoping to get their hands on surveillance video from inside the store to track these people down that actually make content was about amounts to this location the u-haul truck was still far away that if you're not close enough to engage in a pursuit the cab driving down venice when it got to look is in despite the you obviously it was still moving so that you call is still outstanding this morning still out there including the two suspects they did get a license plate partially it was a the one that is all they know at this point--ag1
7:35 am
a lot of people can go into these places used phony ids and make off with the u-haul truck for celaeno was inside at the time a security guard noel was injured but the search continues this morning pretty both this morning for hours ago when it came in here and just noticed this look look at what they were doing perfect size because its side of this store not even damaged. >>darya: bell the news we're following as police are searching for people who robbed a couple that a man and woman were and 25 on the block of on the boulevard three guys walked up to them and demanded they turn over the cell phones and wallets
7:36 am
the couple fought and saw that one man had a gun that had everything over it is scary will have to pass away at all the neighbors think if communicating and do all that we can do. >>darya: men in this case are susceptible of the recent crimes happening now san mateo police are looking for a man who exposed himself to children last month it happen there sappers avenue and delaware the man walked up to three children who were playing in the apartment complex across seven in the evening he asks the kids if they knew someone who live nearby and then show them a photograph of what he was on the picture he exposed himself the children took off and ran home safely and
7:37 am
gave police the best description that they could so there is a sketch of the man they're looking for two to five-year old about 5 ft. 6 in. tall and he has black hair and dark eyes. pan >>mark: rescuers and state while officials say the suggestions as damage the bird for the structure and ability to remain waterproof this because of their marriage and death and birds so far in the 60 birds have been found covered in this mysterious gunk and for them have died. >>darya: a popular southern california's that this model is did this morning he was hit and killed by a train and burbank it was the suicide they believe it was an accident they're filming something on the track saturday afternoon when a train came and he was hit by southbound metal meant
7:38 am
trying to get hot as long before it hit him he was the least seven years of. the time is 738 will be back with more in just a few minutes on as much in the king jr. day center is a right now at 52 degrees the highs today will be 65.
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7:42 am
regret that the check out this fall the riposted on twitter the second half was amazing the seahawks put the game into overtime in the the game with a 35 yd touchdown pass to win 30 and 28 to 22 the chance to left outside and they left early they're locked out by security and had to stand around and listen to the crowds going nuts and they will never leave a game early ever again will be back with more will we continue after the break.
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>> james: here is a quick update on the forecast not looking bad ride out of the open approach to the bay bridge we have the clouds parted just enough for the early morning sun rays beginning to pick through the clouds the in amounts so we'll see temperatures all across the board including santa rosa which had been weakened up to 47 even of the '40's the much difference are to the work we were tracking pretty
7:46 am
dense fog and the sled is lifted just a little bit but the clouds are still low enough that we have 75 minutes of arriving flights. 3 mi. as well napa of fairfield for ma visibility and livermore the right now is pretty bad in san jose. now installed in the santa clara valley to emerge as an insult that low to mid '60's with a 631 of up to 66 in los gatos and everyone else is in between those two temperature ranges we have the is therefore as no sicily's when shoreline open will be about 64 today would was a to a san francisco and none of bay and more for
7:47 am
6466 degrees apart a crowded skies just about everywhere this call to be with us today and tomorrow. >> james: this would clear out nicely we have high pressure coming back and and temperatures really responding lookit that were climbing up the thermometer thursday and friday and saturday and sunday are highest into the seventies may even get into the seven is as yet up for the beaches and places like santa cruz not a bad looking for cash speaking of the ride looking really good. >>george: call it arise in not a cute so many people off work schools and an excess of after they read like traffic and go back the layers no metering lights for you're ride from the bay. checking you're ride on 92 in san mateo bridge also an easy trip for you here as well and no delays even at the top of the hour
7:48 am
we're not looking at any delays at 7:00 in your trip to the golden gate bridge it like in both directions to trouble-free as well for the ride through marin county. >>darya: those are tear is gary of joy and definitely a relief he has to feel like he cheated death >> gary: cheated death? >>darya: 55 minutes of doing nothing with to run into such as it was terrible >> gary: how will the same the loss instead of saying he died.
7:49 am
>>darya: his career would have been dead in the last five minutes to make up everything. >> gary: 6 chilly for guy going along with your life or death had they lost their still between. they'll be sweating of horrible death threats. >>darya: the packer who tried it was not able to close the in the play he has all these threats is unbelievable he should have in that cause the packers the game. >>darya: i read all of them against them they said these people are is your fault is you single-handedly lost this game for the packers. >> gary: he lost the game no doubt about it will people that do the death threats are morons. >> gary: morons. >>darya: it was a great game is a really wanted. i feel
7:50 am
like source of when i'm watching football but i have this knack the times i do look up i look up three times i looked up a home bounced when the ball bounce off the helmet i look up and i see it as 16 to nothing i look up and good times. >> gary: that was one of the greatest chances of a game i have said in a long time that the biggest comeback ever for them to build to do that they're down six same double the greatest comeback in a playoff game there mentally gold with the head goes toe and a laugh, it was a big deal he won a to a to do for care goes shoes and a city will not play if you wear those. they have a
7:51 am
contract they were still considering whether to bring him back. >>darya: so the about 5 million. they're looking at. >> gary: that's great our same one-year deal for him and was sent as much as c one >>darya: can only go to seek the will but has a big-time rating is one to his six now and that put some renown montana people when it was argued and all is lost to but just to go to six >> gary: i'm thinking that the sum and as the best quarterback ever. >>darya: his wife and apply
7:52 am
is the is breakout when the game by his self when the school is so on satellite that they adjust way better. i just think perhaps the calls are looking and making him the highest-paid quarterback in history right now. >> gary: it away and wilson has a lot more tools to work with. seattle really have the defense but no luck did deserve their the best. if >>darya: what about the
7:53 am
relief pitcher is in that basket? >> gary: i saw the report to what is the latest this morning he did say i'm coming back to alabama he would beat the king of the coaches now and wants to talk about the warriors 326 now remember i don't know of
7:54 am
your member this it was a big deal he did not like he thought it'd look like him it was a player with the hornets. >>darya: time was to show to stevenson said this does not look anything like nothing to myself are they now for being a beautiful imperfection is and this is a on a to have a bubblehead made at think he made to amend dollars a year >> gary: >>darya: will have to put this to the boat and the anchor is a lot of 49ers fans to talk about the fact that the sea off from the way to the super bowl seattle is a great thing >> gary: rnc letter >>darya: of an
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>>mark: the place of a so- called shaking it off on camera and let's see what she had say about the video.
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>> james: it is actually getting a little better that is the good news. in oakland is alive said approach camera at the bay bridge toll plaza was of a clear all the way out to the east bay hills. those six is to berkeley and oakland 6364 is there harris 62 fremont as
8:02 am
64 and the car because guy said phil wants to hang a rough one of 15 minutes to the tune they're all having a full forecast coming up at the 15th and 70th around the bay was the nice weather the to enjoy singing tone for that now the traffic also denies you. when >>george: minor incidents reported for the bay shore commuters near berlin gained this is a 11 and broadway some debris was dropped in the lanes and vehicle swerving to avoid it has collided with one another were the center divider so there is rather debris of the racial climate looks great as it does around the bay we have no back of allays here at the bay bridge toll plaza in on 92 of the san mateo bridge you not know about the right
8:03 am
side would only be the convict direction and you cannot tell us on this picture and here at the golden gate bridge is electable of the wrecks as we have the brits set up for a weekend daytime drive >>darya: a snatch and grab burglary at the pentagon yes store >>will tran: the store be closed today because of the extensive damage this happened at 330 in the morning no security guards that is when a u-haul truck came along tear back into it this was no accident they believe the people did this they case took place before because was a u-haul truck came into the place to
8:04 am
suspects went after this specific things as specific as the front of the corners of the stored taking some of the most expensive items they heard the commotion in the glass shattering they call the police department came out here and they spotted the you ought to look on van ness was is a couple mawson this location. >>will tran: there for a to you hot cup of course they were still moving at the time and lost track of the truck this morning at least two suspects still outstanding they had bandannas and covering their faces at the time the local store opens the volume is on the get their hands on some surveillance videos and hope for some witnesses they did get a partial license plate ag1 there were when you all to see if someone led to the you ought to look legitimately or phil was stolen and if it was rented
8:05 am
and not stole from the street they believe there is a good chance that someone walked into you all with the phony i.d. and made off with the investigation far from over if you're a fan of the pentagon is up apparently a lot of people cannot believe what happened the good news is anatolia, must have idle for a lot of people from all those at the the one after as much as $400 they knew what they were doing i talk to the managers that said this will be open tomorrow. >>darya: surprises may is dark in clear no other traffic around san francisco the cops could not chase or catch up with a you lock this odd right there and got away. >>will tran: i asked the same thing and even they admit it is not hard to spot you ought to look at that time they said this was never a pursuit and one speculation is the guest of officers responded with perhaps an they're still
8:06 am
working on this that they were not clear that this u- haul truck was associated with this became along the same happen to see the watch of but did not go that's one less go after and that is how you got to look still have to look into it because even they met at 33 there's nothing obstructing your view they should have track this down the course of a sellout is planning to do. protests >>mark: is have gathered in front of new oakland mayor libby chefs out this morning organizer are calling this a people's a moderation in the center said they're upset with the new mayor suspended her inauguration day with oakland police officers.
8:07 am
four people were arrested here was a picture taken on a shutdown list and a marching at the plaza last night the kron 4 tested carried signs black glass matter about a hundred and 50 people took over the bay street mall into stores and were singing songs demonstrators also blocked traffic at one point. >>darya: mx is final unless trip that began in into the cities is spread nationwide but now the bay area train is the last one remaining
8:08 am
organizers say that this will be at their ending the annual trips because of declining writers and difficulty of stating today's freedom ride leaves a san jose station at 945 this morning kron 4 will be there as well as online at kron 4 account. new this morning fire fighters are investigating a house fire in oakland that started at 4:00 a.m. in the 17th of the block of 101 avenue >>mark: smashed between two tractor-trailers' a man survive as a massive pileup will show a the amazing picture ahead but first a suspect arrested outside of the casino accused of attacking a woman with a wrench will have details coming next.
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8:11 am
>>mark: police are arresting a person response before attacking a woman with a ranch outside of the casino and five year-old was the rest of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon robbery and burglary this happened in the casino parking lot on 320 a survey detective arrested the man when he returned to the part a little to get his car. at the woman on the arm was she was sleeping in the past the sea of her car to carry
8:12 am
us chased away when they heard the victim screaming she was taken to the hospital. >> james: still ahead as a to a live look at temperatures around the bay is mild to start our talk about afternoon for past and look ahead to the warm weather problem record warm weather come in a letter on. olivia. super hungry? get my chipotle chicken club combo with fries and a drink. that's a ton of food for $4.99. let's do this.
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8:15 am
>>darya: is a 14 ride now things i want to change >> james: we're still in the middle of january or on the bay this morning is to lift the story is here is a love looking as if of what had been tech early this morning we get the low clouds tear the lettuce on that 75 minutes old up for arriving fleiss opens it was a just fine once again is causing delays out of sfo del the forces of the bay area are expressing some places overcast conditions of the at the stamina of the bay bridge approach chilly as the types of cloud cover the
8:16 am
debt if you look up at the east bay hills you see the low cloud will forever against the hills on the other side of it in the valley the kabila the overcast conditions for a good number of conditions there. they're doing what for poor visibility. that is a story with the fall this morning temperatures during the morning hours fifties. >> james: 0 fraises cents or six is this what looks like
8:17 am
a blow to this six and another bay and low '60's in the east bank will keep you updated on the fourth as an equal to to lead. >>george: that means good news for use we're not at any hot spots were not looking it in much and when congestion this is timmy with a few minor incidents here and there but not affecting you're ride and for the san mateo bridge it like conditions with no delays either you're ride to
8:18 am
the golden gate bridge looks good with no delays either north about us out about the three lines on the southbound side light enough there been no backups at the toll plaza at all this morning so that of course translates into an easy ride for westmount parking meters are and forces san francisco. >>mark: people are dead and several injured at the malta are proud of after across pennsylvania and icy roads are to blame. >> reporter: they rush to the scene where dozens of cars were twisted and turned in every direction as the sun came up the enormity of the pilot became clear it was a big load of cars and
8:19 am
saw a lot of people not paying attention video like this is hard to what is horrible the city niacin 737 hours after the pilots began to attempt this increase ice melted and intention to the minor flooding on a side street. >>mark: memorex is skipping a massive crash he is in the cab of its pickup truck that will be the engine of the left-hand side but instead
8:20 am
the pickup truck was selected web he is trapped inside which between these two tractor-trailer's he actually helped others who were stranded along the freeway nearly a dozen people were injured on this problem this man only needed to band-aids and some iced to treat his injuries and incredible escape and was left of this pickup truck. >>darya: shots were fired near is out of the week and the vice president's wife for not in their home when the shooting happened on saturday night secret service agents saw a car speeding away from the area but it was outside their security perimeter where they go so they did not month's was to the reporter later on in and never the police are working with the six service in the fbi to
8:21 am
investigate that shooting. >>darya: president obama as a to talk about raising taxes for the wealthy to help the middle class you explain his plan and how line it will raise the rate 20 percent who may five other thousand dollars a year between them the sole them and eliminated the tax break are inherited money with the republicans control congress the president's going to speak to more live on our air you can join us at 6:00 for the state of the union address >>mark: here is video of their arrival yes today l.a. played a key role this
8:22 am
addition to the message queue of >>darya: a full bomb creates quite an explosion over the internet we're going to tell you why these beauty queen should not be photographed together and which one bomb the others from the tech ally with here at the approach to the bay bridge no one is driving renowned as george would do the drive for fun.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> reporter: the list of worst is causing quite an international uproar so ms. levin non is pictured on second to lead burnetts being criticized a bank called in this photo with miss israel along with two other contestants after she posted this fall on her histogram a lebanese tv station said that ms. lav and non should have known
8:26 am
better because level 9 is raw and means ceases that miss israel for bombed her but lebanese people are asking her to be stripped of her title for having contact with an enemy state held a look at what was their reaction this morning on the store a lot of people are twisting about another person's reading that passage believed the biggest planes >>mark: is in indianapolis station is reporting this sources said the team had to be investigated by the nfl they're found guilty of the accusations they chose the
8:27 am
process that tom bray already speaking out all and that is is a ridiculous and that and more to the king will operate starting just a few minutes will take a few a lab looking out of san francisco from our roof camera working of the embarcadero a beautiful star from a day but for some sign expected to be a mild afternoon.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>>darya: will check in with jane to see how the date is shaping up as things like getting fault here by the moment. >> james: most of its of getting a little bit clearer still pretty bad down in the south bank just fairly over a mile visibility as a lookout to the peninsula of the san mateo bridge on the hayward side just to the north they're one of the places we're seeing quite a bit of improvement in their sky conditions however it is not enough to cancel the lay a delicate as 75 minute delays for arriving flights but as we looked out over the lower portion of the peninsula him out to the left and talk about the silicon valley forecasts look for partly for test on the clouds burn off. what documents should mid-60s.
8:31 am
cook until 64 is was 63 months of a little warmer and santa clara by next san jose were looking as 65 their sunnyvale 64 and another 65 that when in campbell. will be really nice day to day after to you for testing into the weekend will be even better not so good news if you want rain which we need but if you enjoy a more springlike and summerlike weather your stand for that to something you're going to want to see. >> james: kills a quick look whatever you are right now before you head out the door 45 and those record one temperatures expected for the weekend not to traffic. >>george: as we have been tracking a rally led ride around the bay is a holiday and a federal holiday it which means markets are closed banks are close schools are closed post office or close but parking meters are enforced in san francisco there is however the very light traffic all around the bed know that is at the bay bridge we have
8:32 am
not seen any me realize no major delays or innocence of any freeway and enough on the san mateo bridge with the drive times have stayed at 11 minutes all morning long and light enough to the golden gate bridge that their only three lanes open in the south on direction and that is 20 to handle the flow of traffic we've had this morning. >>darya: the sec a live look now as we cover am al payday this is the king center in atlanta were dr. martin luther king jr. and his wife coretta are buried on can visit the scene, was meant of oakland is calling on americans to work for equal america for is more to the king jr. day was six about his work she is reminded of the city gave and stanford back in 1967 he said there are to america's one overflowing prosperity in honey and the other that transformed hope into
8:33 am
despair he said there is a lot of work to be done to create a new america and social problems only happens when people work for it. >>mark: the honor of the iconic as sore as leader of the march in selma alabama that is where he marched with civil rights protesters were beaten and gassed by state troopers earning the nickname but his son that the director here in the bay area will be a free screening for students of the movie is somewhat 1045 this morning please us searching for three people brought a couple >>darya: on the street there were 415 yesterday morning there will in 25 on the block of walnut boulevard when three guys walked up to them this at the couple
8:34 am
thought they had a gun and demanded their phones and wallet and turn them over than the guys to call police believe the robbers could be involved in several other violent crimes it's scary to have to pass the word of all the members in keep communicating police believe the man in this case are suspects >>darya: as other recent crimes in a carjacking in concord. >>mark: 3 man and the tour are accused of setting a homeless man on fire while he was sleeping customers of the fire out and called 911 saturday night the victim identified now has 58 year- old john frazier suffered second and third appearance and expected to survive. the motive of the individuals we do not know again that appears to be a random act at this time into
8:35 am
the clean this a quiet area but things happen in areas in the expected zero fleet is just a random act that will not see again. they're still looking for the people said the man on fire. >>darya: sematech up with a look before man who exposed himself to some children last month to happen is that this avenue of the south palaestra a man approached three children who were playing in the yard of an apartment complex around seven in the evening he asks the children if they knew someone who lives nearby sold them photographed a la they're showing the picture he exposed himself there ran home they're released a sketch of the man they're looking for a 25 year-old man about 5 ft. 6 he has black hair and dark eyes.
8:36 am
>>darya: it damages the birds structure and that could cause hypothermia and that so far 60 hours have been covered in this the and four have died. >>mark: celebrating his 25th anniversary is the sea lions apparent 39 who may differ in appearance surely after the earthquake there been on ever since as many as 1400 show up at a time the experts believe the sea lions have taken up residence because it is safe from creditors and there's plenty to eat. >>darya: will officials there to read more passengers out one place that's camphor is making a hit on you to nice mos will show in this video after the break a real cop and technical level here at the golden gate bridge traffic
8:37 am
is holiday lights.
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> reporter: here is what this trend in this model social media we have fans live in the seahawks' game early party invoice and taylor social started to the bar video while reviewing debt stems foot is the list of parliament and delaware said they found video
8:40 am
something quite amusing and officered jamming to tailor swiss shake it off. ice loughs loving the altitude. he is due to the farmer for 19 years start singing in the copper are there you see him his bobbing his head and knows all the words against me was of intense pressure expressions tell us will treated her response to the far video you give me laugh
8:41 am
when you see it. >>mark: ride back as the continue to allow the outside at the golden gate bridge traffic is very light on the mountain of the king jr. day. s. federal or are
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>darya: right >> james: the focus out there and spots a list tech a quick look at the the lead at the airport registering again set a five minute delays in visibility this at the level we are saying the golden gate bridge is not the fault is the overpass condition the final shot for you or others are experiencing and beautiful shots of the bay bridge. is pretty out there depends on where you are out at the air force still a little foggy a little six small visibility as a head down south santa clara valley san jose and airports are still showing about a little more than a mile visibility at best this would fall is really impacting temperatures you
8:45 am
see 64 san jose 63 montague 66 out moscow's to peddle your and south bend was a local said the dutch of the this is to 1 degrees there cool along the east with shoreline because of brick a little bit will we're looking for some out to hang out is this the default to hang up. >> james: is tested by midweek to images began to
8:46 am
come up as the skies clear looking almost with temperatures in the '70s as the headed to the weekend could even see some nice beach weather 76 degrees with this is unsigned. >>george: very light all around the bay area today not tracking any hot spots on a consistent this morning that was so you're ride almost regardless of where you're heading was so troubled we're hitting on five a to the altamont is already gone to a look at the bridges here the bay ridge is light enough that we never saw the meeting less this morning they have not been activated and for their ride on 92 to sen mattel risk and is on what is the so-called q what is a
8:47 am
like a mill at the bay bridge this been like this most of the morning we did not see any real problems at the 7:00 hour for the golden gate ride is only three lanes available in the southbound direction is been enough for the traffic flow and for the richmond bridge in the west about ride coming from the richmond of the marin county light enough at the toll plaza at all. >>mark: the kentucky team this it could appear in court a modern-day version of bonnie and clyde this is the end of the line into to this call by police hiding inside this old pickup
8:48 am
truck. >> reporter: the duel's apparent crime sprees to to from the home state of kentucky to the carolinas on to georgia the young fugitive's allegedly broke into homes were caught will prevail as using stolen checks and are accused of stealing this pickup truck including this toyota tundra with two loaded guns inside. we saw movement inside the vehicle with an armored vehicle and where it was able to individuals inside the vehicle into custody without any incidents. >> reporter: they're arrested could be the list of pays for its spinoff is a multitude of felony charges of the f-14 this charge that could include kidnapping they're running stops here. >>mark: the couple was dating for about three months in the perpetrators of as being 19 years old
8:49 am
not 13 >>darya: regulators are trying to decide what the force should recall more trucks. the trucks were equipped with 61 7 l diesel engines that stalled as the sensor malfunction buses there was a recall this is that they have gotten complaints from a truck on a to did not have the evidence package and the owners who has to repair. >>mark: lawyers did not dispute the major elements of the prosecutors when shows behavior results and a friend and is returning to the gate it was also
8:50 am
macadamia nuts and the back instead of on a dish. >>darya: lasmo the signees man ranted about early this month and passengers opened emergency as the play was pushing back eight hours late and airline often in the past decade to become very popular one offices them my views to the trouble headaches the others are familiar with.
8:51 am
>>mark: airports are increasing security you could be subject to random checks even after the initial check. inlays that should somehow to build a hidden bomb from the scare is that you can easily buy because nonmetallic ids are undetectable full body scanners was are available to small airports the their expense of a sense of my search of a love is at the gates even after you have proper security. >>darya: your presence on high alert in the wake of the attack officials of the talk about how they're gone to work together to address these threats that or to repair and part of an upcoming summit meeting happening february to focus on terrorism and the publishers of charlie and delta says it is printed a staggering 7 million copies of the latest issues of with
8:52 am
the man people waiting in line to get the issue in london to cover of the french satirical magazine amazing number has a surplus of 60,000 now 7 million happening now in washington d.c.. >>mark: that getting ready for the ninth annual dr. martin luther king peace during a walk in there looking back move forward together a live look for washington this morning as were following of fans across the nation of dr. king day will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. what weat d drk castai outeet w coate tal stin
8:53 am
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>>darya: the seahawks are gone to the suit will a lot of sense of their team was going to lose so it left the
8:56 am
game. the seahawks were down 60 to zero it did not look very good but then this is one of the most incredible comebacks in playoff history and their tear those who stuck it out inside the cannot see the rest of the game by the rest of the game the comeback happened in the last five minutes there be the first game in the decades to win back-to-back super bowls. the title game at arizona the mohsen a full history and the six chinatown ready will lead to the super bowl and the last
8:57 am
14 years. >>mark: 2 of 12003 and 2004. will be right back of the kron 4 morning news continues to have details ahead. ♪♪
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>>will tran: u-haul in patagonia. that is exactly what happened at 33 this morning where you also goes
9:00 am
inside for burglary at his patagonia shop our have the rest of the details coming up in a live report. the lack >>darya: freedom train after 30 years ready to roll the tracks to they within this hour for much of the king jr. day introduction-- >>darya: good monday morning >> reporter: the morning tessellated sfo still cloudy in foggy conditions once again we're looking at delays for arriving at averaging more than an hour but is not faulty everywhere we looked in fact some of that fraud is starting to mix out and make way for sunny skies and fact we have much to improve visibility right now live
9:01 am
look at the bay ridge is ass looks pretty nice will sunny skies is wanted for investors afternoon temperatures 64 oakland 62 from a were getting ready for some warmer weather headed this way we're talking record warmth maybe even when it's coming. >>george: where match any hot spots are looking and is the traffic we're attacking
9:02 am
any major incidents take a look at the bay bridge traffic is light enough here at the meeting last dairen 92 in the san mateo bridge with his ally and of ride the drive times have stayed below 13 minutes it when traffic was at its peak in the 7:00 hour into the golden gate bridge ride with no delays through around town for the 101 commute a member of your park in san francisco to that the parking meters are being enforced. >>darya: there was a smash and grab burglary >>will tran: the search continues for lease to suspect they are the this officer did make contact with you all use the break
9:03 am
down the doors to concede they made a mexican employees inside the restoration crews are here to try patched up the display to get open for the public tomorrow today is off-limits is too much work to the chase and video this happened around 330 in the morning no security guard at this location police officers said a u-haul truck and this to people inside and ramp the front door and they went after specific items implying they must've been inside the store before this happened because they knew exactly which items the target and not coincidently the most expensive items they're not exactly sure how long the people will be inside and help and get their hands on surveillance video will reckon down the front door as well as the witnesses around that triggered the police officers to arrive at sea made contact with the suspect on van ness from this location a couple miles
9:04 am
for whatever reason they're still investigating that did tell me they saw the you ought to look at one point even saw the you lots of running a red lights but they lost contact with the law nonetheless no injuries because nobody was inside my son to a man who live right next door and he did not feel the rumble of the jolt of the you watch up slamming into the store but he did look outside and he heard some people say let's go the middle for a lot things that can tell you i'll leave you with this shot there was a display here and that display has some of the most expensive items by the time the place of such matters to go inside to conduct the
9:05 am
investigation inside the store those items were long gone >>mark: organizers are calling it a people's inauguration the demonstrators said it or upset with the new mayor and the store where fallen about a dozen people at a paltry bar station >>darya: protesting the debts of one black man by white police officers this and why four people had been arrested in connection with protesters broke all over the weekend in oakland for real are stationed will close about half our last night after the protesters shouted down his picture taken during this shutdown demonstrators started on board are now 7:00 andersonville the rally was held for the birthday of martin of the king jr..
9:06 am
there but hundred and 50 people who took over the bay street mall and they went into stores and there were singing songs and demonstrating and blocked traffic at one point as well. >>mark: outside of the up the signal and 50 was arrested on suspicion was a deadly weapon this happen detective said alameda was arrested when he returned to the consent of our allies to pick up his car to a deficit of one of the head and arm and arm and and had what she was sleeping on the passenger's side of her car. chu said the hospital for treatment when i heard her spending. >>darya: 55 i investigating a fire in oakland it was a house that caught fire about 4 in the morning in the seven sit on the block of
9:07 am
100 and for st. but within 50 minutes the fire fighters had it out and no one was hurt. >>mark: 11 at the center sale read a lot of fog is to be approached as a folk to we are reporting some delays this morning the two low clouds and fog.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>mark: jose police are investigating a deadly collision officer said the victim was in a wheelchair and was hit by a car early yesterday morning. >> reporter: i saw a car covering amount about over there by the speed limit sign he was in a wheelchair crossing the wide role they say he was struck by a vehicle heading east on a born the pronounced them dead a short time later recalled off everything so and no one can get an the location of the victim's body in the case that he was not in the crosswalk when he was hit. he was a and u.s. closes as a sex and i do not know if that's web across or if get dragged or something like that. down the block the residential area by gas
9:11 am
stations and shopping center the fatal collision happened around 6 on the morning. >> reporter: most of the south for close please tell us that the job remain at the scene and cooperated with the investigation authorities saying new drugs or all appear to be a factor in the collision. >> gabe slate: i'm excited to see some new technology teaching a kid how to ride a bike to make it much easier task it is amazing state- owned that is coming up in my tech report.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>george: this chapter of they promise to be briefed is very little to talk about i have no slowdowns or delays no backups no incidents and a hot spots for your drive from the that this is what you will find my traffic where you're heading for problem free on all the bay area bridges and we started out with the fraud and bribery-92 in san mateo bridge with the started to resemble sunny morning drive here the right side of the screen never backed up so we cannot seem any of the typical stop and go conditions the second on
9:15 am
the weather for you as did to the weather center. >> reporter: still a little cloudy out there but the fault isn't proving so in fact what's also improving sfo is a look at the airport delays due to low visibility no problems for oakland and san jose here's a look at another bridge camera shot looking at the golden gate bridge cloud in this is not as foggy things are improving our from the bay area visibility and you can see we're still looking at a to have my visibility in san jose the fairly most locations are looking pretty good half moon bay to ma visibility down to six and napa i concord but the fog is mixing out of our sense of pretty nice and this is out their tempers are in the mid fifties 55 in san jose
9:16 am
54 in livermore oakland good morning to you you're 66. and as if you underpart lead to losses sunny conditions. >> reporter: 64 and danville walnut creek also looking at richmond in the lower 60s and to open area a lot of marginal to king day activities a high of 64 come to san francisco looking for high of 66 to five and petaluma mid-60s and apple kron 47 tear on the bay forecast looks like this < at the a typical morning fog summit in this is in one especially come friday and into the weekend where talk a wise press them is on saturday amid seven is on sunday and this is the weekend to plan to go to the
9:17 am
beach because where looking in some models are hinting at near 80 degrees. will the to know about the forecast of our ships over the next couple of days how one will get you ready for some record warm. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers. >>mark: in china it fell today will be the equivalent of 1400 pointsof >> rob black: is a percent the last three months of the china reg'lar a lot of people do not know the trip this is a good thing because the growth is
9:18 am
growing. >>mark: speaking of that is an exciting project canyon not have time to building and it looks like >>: go ahead and build one. >>mark >> rob black: is once the concept for the back into use the old mellon systems the regulators are not letting this point in time and low-cost and they're funded interesting
9:19 am
knows the one area that the sciences and in they're talking about building a half below the two laws biggest ally get a refund about the signals the love getting you in on the five minutes. >>mark: housing markets are coming back. >> rob black: 75% back to normal. this is about right 75% of homes the dispatch that the millennial in for mary to get a little bit better the weakest area of recovery nine existing list 25 it is not where needs to be
9:20 am
>>mark: when should my wife and i consider my houseconsider >> rob black: and death of devine the article 5 and saw what the bay area you will need a pretty big down payment if you have to sacrifice savings for an retirement would not do it. tonight they had to go out and the press is to use a lender the nubbles your bank did not go to their
9:21 am
credit union go to someone who could shop for five back for you to see was the requirements are and how much you need. >>mark: 3 of a question for ron posted on our facebook and pays who answered here will be right back.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>darya: the widow of officer is attending the state of the union address he was shot in the head about checking on a suspicious car he was sea was invited to attend a union >>darya: president obama is said to talk while raising
9:25 am
taxes for the wealthy to help the middle class eliminating a tax break on inherited money but with the republican majority and their posted a plan the proposal when i get very far and capitol hill you can watch as the the just life at 6:00 p.m.. >>mark: michael be a bit raw milk looking to run for president in 2016. >> reporter: to the 60 missing along with a way apostle president's attendance he said he
9:26 am
believed his party controlled congress and the white house next time around. i'm giving serious consideration of this i know we can wait until about 16 new death have soon will raise the $1 billion this one takes in order to be helicon hillary clinton had guest says she is sick the democratic nomination.
9:27 am
>> gabe slate: family size in addition to the gyro by today is a great to see your kids how to ride a bike can be very frustrating and terrifying you never know just when to let go and it is the wrong time you don't want to see them get hurt the zero byte is a self balas a bicycle what this is like magic even without our writer on that estes' balanced rolling down the sidewalk to talk to learn to ride a little is left alone.
9:28 am
look on you to use dozens of videos that very happy showing their kids up to ride using the gyro bite and is one that some kids even on the 20 minutes is a fairness to our chosen as testers the rest of us have to wait is the text are now. mmmm. ring ring! ring ring! progresso. i forgive you. you do? it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmer vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted.
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>> >> reporter: you may be enjoying a day off from work in school were looking at some cloud and this is up there and the visibility improving quite a bit all across the bay area right now you can see a 10 mi. visibility as a fall that is good news for
9:31 am
flights 6 mi. an almost and looking pretty good san jose looking at three mile visibility the san mateo bridge are showing is generally cloudy conditions. directed want this headed his way that we talking about near 80 system and will talk more about that and a 74 cash coming up a little bit later here is george. if >>george: it is indeed a now commute day but we are looking at our first incident for the entire morning and this an accident that occurred in sausalito that north and the golden gate bridge on the northbound side this
9:32 am
accident just before the water tunnel where a vehicle got a flat tire loss control will take a look at our golden gate bridge camera and the good news is it has not backed up traffic across the span. traffic on the northbound direction still pretty light.
9:33 am
>>darya: on this more to the king jr. day the amount of the king jr. and his wife are buried on the campus you concede this live shot >>mark: the citrine from selma to montgomery alabama's making his last trip. >> reporter: hours to get out of the pictures so you can see the train there are 1400 people that have shown up to get a ticket to get on the train this is the last time that the freedom train is going to be the from here to announce that all is the san francisco this is an
9:34 am
annual tradition for the past 30 years is a rich history that they want to make sure their kids are taking incident that brought them down here several people said they have been doing this for years this is the last time there will be doing this train tickets sold out three days ago a really wonderful tradition out here in san jose that a second of a 945 they're are back on that train they're very excited to do this on this holiday.
9:35 am
>>darya: there were different in america for is more to the king jr. day this is when they think about dr. king's work she is reminded of a speech that he gave at stanford back in 1967 he said that to america is one of the floor prosperity in honey the other the transform hope in to despair there's still a lot of work to be done to critical america and social progress happens when people work for it. >>mark: the director and star of selma use of their the sam tells the story of dr. came here in the bay area and there is a free screening of that movie for students is 935. if
9:36 am
>>darya: levers to loosen the scare working fast to get bird that covered their time to save the animal before it is too late. >> reporter: word got out there is a problem in the east bay an unidentified substance of covering birds and destroying the installation their fetters provide whatever it is not cleaning like oil normally does about 60 birds many more cities to rescued. the
9:37 am
fesses will properly five the seven days but the longest three weeks to months. the international rescue an organization about life it's not safe for our kids and never the close of this is michael to see this on the way home i will explain in an exhibition of people behaving badly
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly!
9:41 am
>>stanley: you live nearby? welcome to antioch where according to the traffic sign the residence was the limit is 85 that is not the eyesore that she was referring to is that countless number of a ban christmas trees for the abandoned cars. is happening here is now set for our kids and i live really close to this and is not cool to see this on the way home. it is not set as an encore problem antioch people trashing foreclosed houses like this one on dogwood with literally filled the room and there's not one time the city and to get played of all this officers and then after they step out of control they hired a new one now have three but due to lack of funding that in our everyday however that his change according to city officials there be no more formal days they'll be
9:42 am
working five days a week to help them do their part in cleaning up the city and this will be available again will they can again some residents want to help clean up and that is good because it helps was crime and bid for the community is a good thing. coming up the but the house is only one step that step with our money to step up to start targeting this on register vehicles filled with debris. >>stanley: is a start reporting abandoned cars like this on on puppetry that will stress it is now been cleaned up. but excess of these abandoned cars and a driver at all pleased to see how lever city once again in antioch stanley roberts kron 4 news.
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>>mark: black eyes creating a huge problem for drivers than that to deadly accidents this is the vehicle pileup on interstate 66 kitten is one person in the 30 more rosa
9:47 am
is it is ice skating rinks the new jersey turnpike were more like a parking lot driver sitting motionless for hours for the fifth axis reported. it was the same story connecticut where please respond to over 200 grass including one in town. >> reporter: to parts of new england but things are looking a lot better the weather is improving their here's a look at we're
9:48 am
respecting took travel for cash for new york a high of 44 degrees partly cloudy conditions washington d.c. high of 49 still chilly in chicago i have only 38 degrees as a big improvement compared to single digits this of more recently were looking at cloud a conditions as seen some delays on arriving flights an average of 46 minutes because of low visibility already improving our by our the golden gate bridge still showing as cloudy conditions were looking at improving the visibility all across the bay area we're looking at three mile visibility for the rest of us things are looking a lot better 6 mi. and apple 6 mi. in concord sfo looking a lot better time and is now in the mid fifties 55 in downtown san francisco also its fifth is in san jose
9:49 am
will start with the south they forecast for today on this martin luther king day holiday also in san jose 65 in milpitas and for evergreen heading over to the east bay a nice thing for you under sunny conditions high of 64 along the creek and then they'll mid-60's in pleasanton hayward getting around 62 in the lower 60s same bill for this city and ocean beach. >> reporter: petaluma's 65 hear the kron 47 that from the forecast is arrested thursday and friday we really was saturday and sunday the two men seven is. plan the trip to monterey if you like it will be a really nice weekend also keep in mind
9:50 am
>>george: the accident has been cleared over to the pullout on the right side of the road with their no longer any lanes blocked and is not accounting for and it's so traffic any longer.
9:51 am
no stop and go or congested traffic. >>darya: air raid on a rise in china. the turn to a threat to blow the plane and early this month angry passengers open emergency exit said their plan was pushing back from the gate hours late their line one officer said that i use up the travel headaches that are familiar to many of us. another reason to blame in china they think for at the mass of the laser thicken
9:52 am
have is because the military controls the vast majority of airspace china is expected to surpass the united states and become the world top airline market in an x 20 years. >>mark: while the more part will come back to the nfl playoffs with the sea was going to the super bowl and overtime shocker against green bay the game was all green bay the first 56 minutes to pack his defense stifling march on less the running game. the sea of tax and trailed 19 to 7 with 209 left in the game that is when he ran for 1 yd touchdown then recovered that is what everyone was talking about the 50 yd line check that this clause goes on twitter that the
9:53 am
seattle was one to lose ride up until the first half that figure were going to get out of fear during halftime that cannot get back and and they're probably heard told the crowd noise of a to do stay outside the door to listen because they're not allowed back in. >>mark: patriots and the question to let saddam on sunday the ready with a three-point touchdown and ran for three more on the sunday the pages was a suitable the 4547 victory over the colts. the defending champion will face of the dominant and nfl french fashion a 2000 suit in a race that a suitable a clean balance and his work for them fl history. the ones to go to the l 13 and 4
9:54 am
is a worm plan favored will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>darya: take a look at this the man miraculously escapes a massive crash with minor injuries sambas between 2 big reds 27 year-old he is inside it was left of the cab of the truckee was driving his truck involved in the 26 car pileup that happen on saturday and is amazing instead of being crushed by the metal insulated him. he did to band-aids and that a vice. >>mark: will have more on the weather in its time getting all our crown for mobile application >>darya: have a good march
9:58 am
and the king jr. day and we will see you back here tomorrow morning. --kron 4 mobile application. ♪ ♪ all e gonessf milk l thdeliousness of hshe's rup.
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